2011 - 2012

Breakfast Club: An intervention program for improving sleep and wellness in college students

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The "Breakfast Club" program aimed to improve students' sleep regularity and quality, as well as their mood and alertness. The "Breakfast Club" program was designed around the concept that habits are made after 21 days. Students in this program met for 21 days at the same time each morning six times a week to enjoy a breakfast and fellowship with other students. During this time, the organizers worked with experts in the field to provide students with skills and resources to better handle the challenges students have identified as most troubling (financial stress, relationship stress, time management concerns, academic stress and inadequate sleep).

Feeling at Home While Abroad

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Feeling At Home While Abroad was a series of four sessions designed to address the mental health issues that new and returning international students face upon (re)entering the United States. These sessions also provided international students with tools to successfully cope and overcome challenges that are unique to them.

Sessions were broken down thematically, and conducted monthly through the semsester. The themes were:

  • Homesickness
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Dealing with stress issues back home (personal, political, financial)