Pathways to Engineering (P2E) Living Learning Community

New for the 2017-18 academic year are two paths to Engineering for our LLC students.

One Option:

  • Fall - CALC I, ENGR 171, ENGR 150 and 2 Core Courses
  • Spring – PHYS 111, CALC II, CISC 130, and 1 Core Course

Another Option:

  • Fall – CALC II, CISC 130, ENGR 150 and 2 Core Courses
  • Spring – CISC 131, MATH 200, ENGR 171 or 230 and 1 Core Course

Students in P2E will get priority enrollment in the above courses.  These courses will kick start the engineering experience and will put students on a path to graduation.  Students who want a supportive, comprehensive and robust learning experience in their first year to help make that goal a reality are ideal candidates for this community. 

Students involved in this LLC will engage in tutoring sessions, study groups, project work space, study skills sessions, clubs and organizations, and of course will attend a variety of social activities to help the students build a strong community with one another.  P2E students will move onto campus 3 days early to participate in workshops and start the team building activities.  Students will also receive one-on-one mentoring and advising from the P2E faculty who will also serve as their first-year advisor.  P2E is located in Murray Hall.