COJO MOJO Living Learning Community (LLC)

While living together in Murray Hall, first-year students will be introduced to the first core course in the Communication and Journalism (COJO) Department, COJO 111. Students will explore multiple contexts of communication - including within families, organizations and personal relationships – while both living and learning (ah ha!) how communication is essential to the health and success of everything we do. In fact, your professors for this course believe that nothing is more essential if you want a full, satisfying, and healthy life than having excellent communication skills and abilities – and they believe this is more true now, in the digital age, than it’s ever been.

Learning in this course will be through first-hand experience with communication professionals and organizations throughout the Twin Cities, as well as through rich, experiential learning opportunities in the classroom, in the residence hall and during activities outside of class. Such out-of-class activities might include: dinners at local restaurants, meals at your professors’ homes, field trips to local TV or radio stations, strolling through the infamous Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (aka, think large cherry and spoon), discussions with well-known journalists and news anchors, conversations with executives at 3M and more. Students will develop skills that will advance them as thoughtful communicators who are better able to act effectively and ethically with a variety of professional audiences as well as in their own relationships and families.

Because students in the COJO MOJO LLC will be living near others enjoying the same MOJO of this course, students can practice the skills they are learning on a daily basis! Prepare yourself for a new level of MOJO as you begin your St. Thomas experience.