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Ireland Library Lectures


  • Fall: Rev. Dr. Tom Margevicius, Instructor of Liturgical Theology and Homiletics at The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity.  “Holy and Venerable Hands: Sign Language and the Eucharistic Prayer.”


  • Fall: Dr. Thomas Fisch, Associate Professor of Sacramental Theology and Liturgy at The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity. “William Busch and the Pre-Conciliar Liturgical Movement.”
  • Spring: Robert Vischer, Dean and Mengler Chair in Law, University of St. Thomas Law School. "Conscience and the Common Good."


  • Fall: Fr. Scott M Carl. Assistant Professor of Sacred Scripture at The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity. “Honey in the Comb: Towards a Spiritual Reading of Sacred Scripture  in the 21st Century.”
  • Spring: Fr. Peter F. Ryan, SJ, Executive Director of the Secretariat of Doctrine and Canonical Affairs of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). "Priestly Celibacy and its Significance for Evangelization." -
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  • Fall: Father Andrew Cozzens, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of Liturgy at The St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity. "From Crisis to Holiness: Vatican II, Blessed John Paul II and the Renewal of the Ministerial Priesthood."
  • Spring: Bishop Arthur Kennedy, Auxiliary Bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. "The New Evangelization: Emergence and Conversion in the Lord"


  • Fall: Dr. Stephen Hipp, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity. "'Hierarchy' as a Pervasive Feature of the World"
  • Spring: Spring: Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P. "In Defense of Natural Philosophy." Mullady is a nationally-known Dominican priest, retreat master and spiritual director, is the theological consultant to the Institute on Religious Life.


  • Fall: Dr. John Martens, UST Theology Professor and Program Director for the School of Divinity's Master of Arts program. "The Child in the Family of God."
  • Spring: Father Marvin O'Connell, a 1956 graduate of the St. Paul Seminary, Professor Emeritus of History (University of Notre Dame) and a former member of UST's History Department. "A Red Hat for Newman"


  • Fall: Dr. Christian Washburn of the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity . "Condign Merit, the Council of Trent, and Ecumenism"
  • Spring: Msgr. John Radano, Scholar in Residence, the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity. "From Reformation to Counter-Reformation and Reconciliation: Approaching the 95 Theses with an Ecumenical Perspective."


  • Fall: Dr. Janet Smith, "Stop! In the Name of Love: John Paul II on Transforming Sexual Desire." [Dr. Smith was Scholar in Residence this semester at the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity]
  • Spring: Monsignor Christopher Schreck from the Josephinum speaking on St. Paul.


  • Fall: Dr. Christopher J. Thompson, "Preliminary Reflections on the Church and the Environment"
  • Spring: speaker Fr. Michael Sherwin, O.P. spoke on "Rejoice in the Lord: Paul VI's Gaudete in Domino and the Quest for Happiness." [ This kicked off a week long SPSSOD Pope Paul VI Symposium sponsored by the SPSSOD.]


  • Fall: Panel: Sr. Paul Therese Saiko, SNND; Rev. Christopher Beaudet, and Rev. Andrew Cozzens from the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity. "Reflections on Deus Caritas Est; The first encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI"
  • Spring: Sr. Katarina Schuth, OSF, "Priestly Ministry in Multiple Parishes: An Emerging Phenomenon"


  • Fall: Dr. Seung A. Yang, "International Priests and American Catholics: History, Context, and Hope"
  • Spring: Rev. Peter Laird, "Autonomy and Morality: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Religion"


    "Great Theologians of the Twentieth Century: A Celebration of Their Legacy"
  • Fall: Rev. Patrick Quinn, TOR, on Yves M. J. Congar, O.P., "Tradition and Traditions: Challenging the Church to a New Future."
  • Spring: Rev. J. Michael Byron, on Karl Rahner, S.J., "The Freedom to Soar: Rahner's Cosmic Vision" Sister Mary Christine Athans, B.V.M., on John Courtney Murray, S.J., "Religious Liberty--A Gift and a Challenge: The Contribution of John Courtney Murray" Rev. Jerome Dittberner, on Bernard Lonergan, "Lonergan for Non-Lonerganians"


  • Fall: Rev. Jerome Dittberner, "Seminary Theology 2003: Still Getting God Right."
  • Spring: Rev. Patrick Quinn, TOR, "Emerging Ministries in the Church: Theological Context and Problems"


  • Fall: Jan Viktora, "Exploring the Nature of Effective Pastoral Leadership in Roman Catholic Parishes: Portraits, Insights and Recommendations for Ministry Formation."
  • Spring: Dr. Deborah Organ, "And So What? Preaching Connection between Professed Faith and Community Living."


  • Fall: Rev. J. Michael Byron, "A Church for Others: Why Non-Christians Have a Claim Upon Roman Catholic Theology."
  • Spring: Sr. M. Christine Athans, on her book, To Work for the Whole People: John Ireland's Seminary in St. Paul


  • Fall: Dr. Tom Fisch, "Theological Significance of the Unvarying and Canonical Aspects of Christian Liturgy"
  • Spring: Sr. M. Christine Athans, "The Americanism Crisis in the Catholic Church"


  • Fall: Sr. Katarina Schuth, "Church Ministry in a New Millennium: Making the Most of These Times"
  • Spring: Dr. Seung Ai Yang, "Re-linking Spirituality and Justice: A Scriptural Perspective"


  • Fall: Rev. Patrick Quinn, "The Church: Communion of Persons and Hierarchically Ordered Society"
  • Spring: Rev. Peter Feldmeier, "The Contemplative Life: East and West"


  • Fall: Rev. Dominic Serra, "In Persona Christi: A Meaning Suggested by the Rubrics and Grammar of the Eucharistic Prayer"
  • Spring: Dr. David Hunter, "The Origins, History and End of Marriage in the Theology of St. Augustine"


  • Fall: Rev. Bill McDonough "The Redemptorists and the Second Vatican Council – 'New terrain' and a 'stumbling stone' in Bernhard Haring's methodological contributions to Gaudium et spes"
  • Spring: Dr. Gene Scapanski, "Origins of a New Identity for the Laity: The 1950s as Prelude to Vatican II"


  • Fall: Rev. John Echert, "Interpretation of the Bible in the Church"


  • Spring: Dr. Michael Patrick O'Connor, "The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Life of Faith"
  • Note: The library's "Gift for Many Minds" open house was held on May 1 in conjunction with a Centennial lecture given by Sr. Karen Kennelly.


  • Fall: Sr. Valerie Lesniak, "Wisdom's Alchemy: Raissa Maritain's Contemplative Journey"
  • Spring: Dr. Victor Klimoski, "Speaking Their Minds: Priests Reflect on Ministry and Formation"


  • Fall: Rev. James Motl, "Community to Community: Preaching as Social Activity"
  • Spring: Rev. Ron Bowers, "Religion and Law: How Theologies of Law Affect Belief and Practice in Judaism"


  • Fall: Sr. Katarina Schuth, "Catholics in America: Membership, Ministry and Future Trends"
  • Spring: Sr. M. Christine Athans, "Theological Roots of Anti-Semitism of Fr. Charles E. Coughlin—Famous Radio Priest of the 1930s & 1940s"


  • Fall: Dr. Tom Fisch, "Current Thought in Liturgical Theology"
  • Spring: Rev. Phil Rask, "List of Tribes in the Book of Revelation: Anti-Semitism in Traditional Interpretation?"