The Feminist Community (FemCom)


The Feminist Community (FemCom) is a feminist activist group composed of diverse students who are passionate about not only gender equality, but also their intersecting "-isms" associated with feminism. Our work and discussions thus include areas such as sexuality and sexual orientation, race, socioeconomic differences, ability, etc. We strive to create a safe space for individuals to join in the conversation. Our current activist agenda includes destigmatizing the word "feminism" on campus and building a greater inclusive, loving, equal community-- in part by building coalitions with other justice-oritented groups on campus and campus services. Our meetings are flexible in terms of attendance, and we use them for both discussion and event planning.

FemCom meets at 6pm on Monday evenings during the school year in the Luann Dummer Center for Women.  

Meet the 2016 FemCom Co-Facilitators!

 Emma Kopp was inadvertently raised as a feminist and has been increasingly interested in body acceptance and marxist feminism. Feminism is important to her because it creates a space where her voice can be heard, appreciated and has given her so many opportunities to be surrounded by incredible and inspiring women. This fall is her seventh semester ofFemCom and seventh semester of co-facilitating. When she's not combing Jstor for research on compulsory heterosexuality, she's working, writing for her blog or traveling. Emma is majoring in Women's Studies and American Culture and Difference Studies and her favorite feminist is bell hooks.

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‌Shannon Twiss is a senior at St. Thomas majoring in Justice and Peace Studies. She is dedicated to feminism because she sees women’s liberation as a key aspect to building a more just, peaceful world. Shannon has a specific passion for supporting and empowering queer people. She has been involved with Feminist Community since she was a first-year student at UST, and has found a space there to learn more about feminism and intersecting topics, and connect with others who share her vision for the St. Thomas community and for the broader society.

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Cari Monroe is a senior at St. Thomas studying Environmental Studies, Geography, and Women’s Studies. She is incredibly happy to have found FemCom and the LDCW at St. Thomas, and credits those spaces and everyone involved to finding who she is and what she’s passionate ab‌out. It took a while for her to come into her own as a feminist, but is extremely passionate about women’s issues and empowering and inspiring women to be their best selves. She has been involved with FemCom since her sophomore year, and loves that it is a space where people can come and feel safe while learning about feminism and other intersectional topics. 

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Carlee Diedrich is a senior majoring in English and minoring in Communication and Journalism, Film Studies, and American Culture and Difference. Feminism is important to her because women face gender discrimination, prejudice, and violence on a daily basis, even here at St. Thomas. Feminism gives her a way to combat that violence and harness her power as a woman by highlighting the work and ideas of intelligent, resilient women activists all over the world. FemCom is a great place to get in touch with some of those empowered women and attempt to make the St. Thomas community a more equitable space for all.

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