Current Students

While the resources linked to this page demonstrate the vibrant and wonderful community here at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, they only tell part of the story. From our inception, motivated by our unique mission and vision, UST School of Law has focused on creating an experience that acknowledges the importance of each member of our community. Both our students and visitors to our community frequently comment on the amazing atmosphere we have built. Many of our current students comment that their experience here “just feels right.”

Building the type of community we want has been very intentional. Our staff is committed to assisting and supporting you on your journey to the legal profession. We offer significant resources in academic support that allow you to perform at your very best. Should you encounter personal difficulty during your time in law school, we have outstanding personal counseling services. Our Office of Career and Professional Development will help you identify your individual career calling and work with you to create and execute a plan to the jobs you desire.

Our student government has a strong collaborative relationship with our administration. Together, student government and the administration focus on making sure our law school is the best possible student experience it can be. We have nearly 50 student clubs and organizations ranging from affinity groups to student groups organized around shared career interests or shared personal interests. As you seek to balance your law school work load with personal health, there are several opportunities for intramural sports, and opportunities to use university health services.

While we have the staff and services to meet your needs, the most important aspect of our community is our warm and supportive student body. We believe that law is about relationships. It is a social profession. Our students begin modeling that behavior from day one of orientation and continue through graduation. The University of St. Thomas School of Law is a community that cares about who you are and how we can support getting you to where you want to be. We look forward to meeting each of you during your time in law school, and to working with you to ensure you have a fantastic experience here.

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