Jul 08

Kaal invited to present at American Bankruptcy Institute symposium

Published on: Monday, July 8, 2013

The American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) recently invited UST Law Prof. Wulf Kaal, a national expert on the legal regulation of hedge funds, to its upcoming symposium in New York City.

The Oct. 4 symposium will bring together distinguished scholars and professionals in the hedge fund and bankruptcy fields to discuss the growing role that hedge funds now play in the bankruptcy process. These experts will also assess the desirability of maintaining, expanding, limiting, or otherwise changing the role of hedge funds in the bankruptcy process by means of changes in bankruptcy policy or practice.

Symposium participants will each offer a presentation on this topic and publish the presentation in a forthcoming issue of the ABI Law Review.

Prof. Kaal's study on the effects of hedge fund registration requirements in Title IV of the Dodd-Frank Act has gained national attention and was covered in a Business Week article and other journals. He has published more than two dozen articles in the United States and Europe, many of which were published in leading peer reviewed law and finance journals and in American law reviews such as the Minnesota Law Review, the Washington & Lee Law Review, and the Wake Forest Law Review, among others.

Elected to AALS Securities Section executive committee

Prof. Kaal was also recently elected to the executive committee for the Securities Regulation Section of the Association of American Law Schools.



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