Dec 11

Nekima Levy-Pounds receives “Profiles in Courage Award” from Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers (MABL)

Published on: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

University of St. Thomas School of Law Associate Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds has  received the Profiles in Courage Award from the Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers.  MABL bestows the  Profiles in Courage Award annually on an individual or entity that has demonstrated the highest level of courage, excellence and integrity in furthering the organization's mission of representing the interests of Black citizens in the legal profession and in the judicial system.

The award was presented to Professor Levy-Pounds by Congressman Keith Ellison at MABL’s Annual Scholarship Gala. Congressman Ellison remarked that Levy-Pounds’ work in educating the public on the proposed Voter ID Constitutional Amendment played a key role in its defeat in Minnesota.
Professor  Levy-Pounds is the founding director of the Community Justice Project (CJP), an award-winning civil rights legal clinic. Levy-Pounds teaches and supervises law students as they use the law as a tool to advance the cause of social justice in poor communities of color through problem-solving, legal research and writing, community engagement and legislative advocacy.

In addition to her work in the CJP, Levy-Pounds is an active contributor to the field of civil rights and criminal justice by serving as a consultant to local civil rights organizations and community groups, a commentator in local media, and a lecturer and speaker in national and international forums.  Her scholarly interests include the impact of the war on drugs on African-American children and families, the treatment of women in prisons, and intersecting issues of race, class, and the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems.   
Because of her work in the Community Justice Project, Levy-Pounds was selected by Minnesota Senator Al Franken to advise the senator in his decision to nominate Elena Kagan for the United States Supreme Court.


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