Aug 30

Annual LSSE data shows high student satisfaction at the School of Law

Published on: Thursday, August 30, 2012

Professor Jerry Organ knows the University of St. Thomas School of Law is a great school. Now he has results from the 2012 Law School Survey on Student Engagement (LSSSE) to prove it.

The data from the student survey indicates students are more than satisfied with the quality of academic, personal, social, and career support available at the School of Law.  Furthermore, students indicated a greater degree of self-understanding and a stronger professional ethical identity than their peers experienced at other law schools. Students also demonstrated a stronger commitment to community service than peers at other schools. 

The LSSSE is an 89-question annual survey that seeks to reframe the discussion surrounding quality of law schools. The survey does not focus on rankings and employment rates. Instead, it evaluates the factors that most greatly impact student learning and a student’s overall law school experience.
Survey questions include exploring the amount of time students spend preparing for class, the frequency and quality of students’ interactions with professors, and student perceptions of the law school environment. Schools use LSSSE data to evaluate the effectiveness of various school programs. This year, 81 law schools from across the nation participated in the LSSSE.

Sixty percent of UST Law students chose to participate in the LSSSE, which is well above the national average student participation rate of 44 percent. Organ recently finished compiling UST’s data, noting that over 40 percent of the survey questions garnered statistically significant positive results.
  “The University of St. Thomas has very encouraging results,” Organ says.  Organ has posted a complete PowerPoint presentation with many data slides which is available by contacting .

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