Mar 13

Correction to U.S. News rankings data

Published on: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It has come to our attention that U.S. News published an inaccurate employment at graduation statistic for the UST Class of 2010.  On line 169 of our Class of 2010 U.S. News Employment data report, the number of graduates known to be employed at graduation is correctly listed as 51 graduates (or 32.9% of our 155 total number of 2010 graduates). Unfortunately, on line 164 of the report, we incorrectly listed 125 graduates (or 80.6%) as employed at graduation.  U.S. News listed that incorrect number in its law school rankings, released earlier today.
We have contacted U.S. News to alert them to the error. The nine month graduation rate of 86.5% is correct in the rankings.We are deeply sorry to have failed to catch this discrepancy in our reported data. We take data accuracy very seriously. In addition to working to fulfill our reporting obligations in a timely and accurate manner, we also provide comprehensive employment data on our website.  You can review that data here. If you have any questions about our employment data, please feel free to contact Kendra Brodin, our Director of Career and Professional Development, at (651) 962-4865.

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