Feb 04

CNN article by Jeanne Bishop has St. Thomas ties

Published on: Monday, February 4, 2013

Jeanne Bishop, assistant public defender in the Office of the Cook County Public Defender has been a guest at the University of St. Thomas School of Law several times, and has been a key member of the team Professor Mark Osler put together to present “The Trial of Christ” across the country.  Bishop and Osler have also worked together in other venues on a subject they agree on, the elimination of the death penalty.            

But in August 2011, Osler and Bishop debated the issue of juvenile life without parole on opposite sides before the incoming class.  It was by all accounts a good model for students of how two very talented legal minds, with deeply held convictions, could disagree about a subject in a civil and constructive way.   “One got the sense that day that Osler and Bishop were just letting you in on an ongoing debate they were having, that would continue long after the event,” Director of Communications, Chato Hazelbaker said.

On February 2, Jeanne Bishop published “A killing, a life sentence and my change of heart” in CNN’s BeliefBlog.  In the piece she explains how her thinking has continued to evolve on the issue of the sentence of life without parole for juveniles. 

“This is not an easy issue, and I know this was not an easy decision for Jeanne to speak out on this topic,” Osler stated.  “I know she has shaped my thinking on the issue, and I think it continues to demonstrate for those students who heard that debate in 2011 that these issues require careful thought, over long periods of time.”


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