Mar 16

U.S. News & World Report releases annual law school rankings

Published on: Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The annual U.S. News rankings of law schools were released this week, and the University of St. Thomas School of Law tied for 135.  This is the first time that the University of St. Thomas School of Law has been numerically ranked, reflecting a change in U.S. News and World Report policy.  The previous four tier system has been replaced by a two tier system with schools in the top 143 ranked numerically in the top tier and schools below that placed in the second tier and listed alphabetically rather than in numeric order.  There were many ties in what had traditionally been the top 100 including an eleven way tie at 84 and a five way tie at 135.

In a time of unprecedented change and upheaval in the legal marketplace, the School of Law has shown evidence of quality over the past year in several ways according to Dean and Ryan Chair in Law Thomas Mengler.  The University of St. Thomas School of Law was featured as one of the nation’s top law schools for externships in National Jurist’s October 2010 issue ranked number one in the country for having the most externship placements per full-time student.  This summer the School of Law ranked 38 in law review citations to tenured faculty, per-capita, 2005-2009  in a study extending Prof. Brian Leiter's "Scholarly Impact Score" methodology to all ABA-accredited American law schools.

The quality of the student body continues to be remarkable. The LSAT scores and GPA of University of St. Thomas place them on par with their peers in those schools listed in the top 100 and the peer reputation score for the School of Law rose last year as well.

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