Apr 11

2011 UST-MJF Public Interest Fellowship Recipients Announced

Published on: Monday, April 11, 2011

The UST-MJF Public Interest Fellowship Selection Committee is pleased to announce that first year law students Kali Gardner and Stephanie Bates are this year's recipients of the 2011 UST-MJF Public Interest Law Fellowships.  Gardner and Bates will work full-time this summer for their sponsoring agencies, the St. Paul City Attorney's Office and Tubman Center. 

The Selection Committee congratulates both recipients.  This year there were 5 outstanding applications for the summer fellowships.  We commend the recipients and the applicants for their commitment to public interest work. The UST-MJF Public Interest Law Fellowships are made possible by the generous gifts from alumni and friends, the 3L Class Gift, and the fundraising efforts of the UST-MJF Student Chapter. We extend our sincere gratitude to all that support the summer fellowships and make them possible for our students. Thank you.

To support future UST-MJF Public Interest Law Fellowships, visit the UST-MJF PILF Grant gift page.

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