Jul 27

Berg called on for expertise

Published on: Tuesday, July 27, 2010

By Chato Hazelbaker 

Many students may be gone for the summer, but Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and St. Ives Professor of Law Thomas Berg has been busy.  He has appeared on WCCO radio and in Christianity Today and the National Catholic Register speaking on issues concerning the U.S. Supreme Court, including the nomination of Elena Kagan and the fact that (after Justice Stevens’s resignation) the Court for the first time ever has no Protestants on it.  Additionally, building on his work in the area of “pro-life progressivism,” Berg has a memo on the Democrats for Life of America website defending the new health-care law and arguing that it is not likely to increase abortion funding.  This month he will also be filing his second U.S. Supreme Court amicus brief of the year in a religious freedom case, this one involving an Arizona school-choice program.

Berg has written more than 25 briefs on issues of religious liberty and free speech in the U.S. Supreme Court and lower courts and has often testified to Congress in support of legislation protecting religious freedom. For this work, he received the Religious Liberty Defender of the Year Award from the Christian Legal Society in 1996. He has also received the Alpha Sigma Nu Book Award (2004) from the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, for the Religion and the Constitution casebook, and the John Courtney Murray Award from DePaul University College of Law for scholarly and other contributions to church-state studies.

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