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Nov 30

Tolzmann ('05), Lomhar-Exel ('05), McGuire ('07), Roberg-Perez ('05), Zanner ('08), and Professor Receive Recognition from The Advocates for Human Rights.

Published on: Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Loddy Elizabeth Tolzmann ('05) was featured in Recent Case Victories on November 30, 2010, by The Advocates for Human Rights for her contributions in winning "asylum for a man from Cameroon who had been persecuted because of his political opinions."  The article stated: 

This gentleman suffered severe damage to his vision as a result of the torture inflicted upon him while a political prisoner. Upon learning of his grant of asylum, he said, “A big thank you for my asylum issue. Indeed, you have exerted so much effort and thank God these efforts have yielded fruits. Indeed, I lack the words right now to express my happiness over the issue. This is precisely a profound battle and a concise winning.”

Recent Case Victories, November 30, 2010.

Kathleen Lomhar-Exel ('05) was featured in More Recent Case Victories on November 30, 2010, by the Advocates for Human Rights for serving as a consulting attorney to Dori Handy who "provided invaluable assistance to a young woman from Saudi Arabia."  The article stated:

The client had suffered abuse from her father for many years, and given the role of women in society, would not be able to escape his control upon returning to Saudi Arabia.  She feared sexual abuse, further domestic assault and potentially death.  She can now live safely in the United States and is currently engaged with The Advocates as a volunteer Arabic interpreter. 

More Recent Case Victories, November 30, 2010.

Jenny Zanner ('08) was thanked by The Advocates for Human Rights for working on cases that recently concluded.  Sarah McGuire ('07), Sharon Roberg-Perez ('05), Jenny Zanner ('08), and Professor Virgil Wiebe, were thanked by The Advocates for Human Rights for taking on new cases and providing consultations to new volunteer attorneys. 

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