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Mar 26

Law graduate, Michael Kemp (’09), among this year’s Mission Award recipients

Published on: Monday, March 26, 2012

On March 26 the School of Law presented this year’s Mission Awards. The recipient of the Alumni Living the Mission Award was Michael Kemp (’09).  The person nominating Kemp highlighted the following about him:

Since graduating, Michael Kemp has established a successful firm in the face of the economic headwinds faced by many of our graduates.  While running his small firm, Michael has been tireless in providing wise counsel and mentoring to a number of our students, particularly our community of Armed Forces veterans.  Michael is selfless and anonymous in the way he extends himself.  I chiefly hear about his efforts from my students.  Michael Dolphin in this year’s graduating class sings his praises.  So did Peter Williams, who graduated a year or two ago.  So have many other students who are either veterans or seeking to enlist in the Armed Forces.  Military service, of course, is one of the most valuable forms of public service in the United States today.  Michael Kemp, in his practical outreach to veterans, is doing great work, worthy of UST recognition.

From our inception as a law school, we have always had a strong veteran presence on campus.  We have graduated a number of distinguished students who have a background in military service and sent other alumni into the armed forces as JAG officers and in other capacities.  In my estimation, military service is among the highest forms of public service a citizen can engage in.  We have not, however, to the best of my memory, ever given formal recognition to the veteran community in our midst with a mission award.  Michael Kemp would be a worthy recipient.

Congratulations, Michael!

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