The University of St. Thomas School of Law Chapel celebrates Mass.The University of St. Thomas School of Law welcomes students, faculty and staff of all faiths, and those unconnected to organized religion. Our community includes Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Lutherans, Buddhists, Mennonites and non-believers. Within our walls, all are welcome.

Because we are a Catholic law school, we can be open about our beliefs. We can talk about how faith and reason can be integrated not only in the world of ideas but also in the day-to-day lives of practicing attorneys. Our faculty members challenge students to consider how they can practice law consistently with their personal convictions, including those grounded in faith. Our students are able to strengthen and refine their moral compasses while learning the law. In short, religious considerations can be put “on the table” at this Catholic law school in a way they cannot at a secular law school. Our community fosters and reflects all the views and perspectives found at a secular law school, but also encourages students to share their faith perspectives.

Faith is lived out at the School of Law in a variety of ways. Students can participate in religious services and have ample opportunity to worship in the building or within a few blocks.

The Reflection Period

The School of Law sets aside noon-12:30 p.m. each day as a time of personal reflection. Mass is celebrated daily in our chapel during this time. There also are weekly Protestant worship periods and Bible study offered during this time, and yoga is typically offered one or two days a week. Students may also use the time for individual reflection.

There are also occasional midday reflections on themes ranging from Spirituality and Social Justice to Finding God in All Things. Student groups like the St. Thomas More Society and the Christian Legal Society also offer periodic opportunities for faith sharing.