Legal Fellows

The University of St. Thomas School of Law, in partnership with the undergraduate programs, has launched an exciting new program for undergraduate students at St. Thomas, the Legal Fellows Program.  Incoming freshman with competitive profiles will be invited to apply to the Legal Fellows Program beginning in January 2013. Legal Fellows will be able to pursue the undergraduate major of their choice. During their undergraduate years, Legal Fellows will be introduced to the law, the legal profession, the judiciary, and the School of Law at St. Thomas.

The value added for a Legal Fellow:

Law Student Mentor. The many benefits to being selected as a Legal Fellow begin with the opportunity to develop a close relationship with a current law student at St. Thomas, who will serve as your mentor. Your student mentor will be someone who can discuss with you how best to prepare yourself for law school, what law school is like, and the professional opportunities that will become available to you if you become a lawyer. Your student mentor will also be able to assist you in learning more about what lawyers do by providing opportunities for observing attorneys and judges in actual legal proceedings and hearings.

Regular Lectures about Law and the Legal  Profession. The University of St. Thomas School of Law would engage the Legal Fellows intellectually as well through breakfast, lunch, late afternoon, or dinner lectures with speakers from both the legal profession and the St. Thomas law school faculty. We would offer one lecture per semester for the fellows on relevant topics, including different areas of law practice. The purpose of these lectures would be to familiarize Legal Fellows with the wide range of professional opportunities in the legal profession, as well as introduce them to our law faculty who would be their professors if they attended the School of Law.

Events at and for the School of Law Community. Legal Fellows would be specially invited to attend some of the events that law students, faculty, and staff attend over the course of each academic year, including events sponsored by

  • the Office of Career and Professional Development
  • the Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership in the Professions
  • the Murphy Institute for Catholic Social Thought, Law, and Public Policy
  • the Public Service Board
  • the Mentor Externship Program

School of Law Faculty or Staff Advisors.  Legal Fellows would be able to work with attorneys who are members of the law school faculty or staff who would provide guidance throughout the Legal Fellow’s undergraduate career.  These advisors would offer additional counseling and guidance and be the point person within the School of Law during the Legal Fellow's undergraduate career.