Compliance Concentration

If you are interested in the growing field of Organizational Ethics & Compliance and want some more depth and a note on your transcript, you may choose to pursue your J.D. with a concentration in compliance. To fulfill the concentration, you must take 12 or more credits of compliance courses, including 3 required courses and 1 or more elective courses. The concentration will be noted on your transcript, and you can tell future employers of your concentration in law school toward this skill set.

Students wanting to pursue a concentration in compliance must decide no later than the beginning of their third year of law school. 

Required compliance courses (9 credits)

1. Compliance Programming: Design, Operation, and Performance (3 credits)
2. Ethical Culture (3 credits) OR Ethical Leadership in Corporate Practice (3 credits)
3. Executive Perspectives on Ethics and Compliance (3 credits)

Compliance electives (3 credits)

Administrative Law (3 credits)
Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 credits)
Banking Law (3 credits)
Broker Dealer Regulation and Compliance (2 credits)
Business Ethics and Organizational Governance (3 credits)
Communication Law (3 credits)
Conflict of Laws (3 credits)
Corporate Finance (3 credits)
Corporate Governance (3 credits)
Employment Discrimination (2 credits)
Employment Law (3 credits)
Enterprise Risk Management (3 credits)
Environmental Law (3 credits)
Ethical Leadership in Corporate Practice (3 credits)
Food and Drug Law (3 credits)
Health Law I: Regulation and Liability (3 credits)
Health Law II: Organization and Finance (3 credits)
Immigration Law (3 credits)
Intellectual Property (3 credits)
International Finance (3 credits)
International Human Rights Law (3 credits)
International Law (3 credits)
International Business Law (3 credits)
Mergers & Acquisitions (3 credits)
Negotiation (3 credits)
Pensions & Employee Benefits (3 credits)
Private Investment Funds (3 credits)
The Reflective Manager (3 credits)
Securities Regulation (3 credits)
Transactional Drafting (2 credits)
White Collar Crime and Compliance (2 credits)