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Nov 06

Minnesota 1L Minority Clerkship Program

Tuesday, November 6 12:30 to 1:30 pm

University of St. Thomas School of Law

Room 321

Who: 1L Students of Color
What: 1L Summer Associate Clerkship opportunity with participating Minnesota legal employers to provide a “real world” legal experience for students of color and provide employers with valuable legal support, as well as a unique and diverse perspective.

Clerkship candidates are selected by a committee of attorneys from participating firms and MBSA Diversity Committee members. Student are evaluated on their maturity, judgment, motivation, and interpersonal skills; academic achievement; writing, research and analytical abilities; work experience; and, recommendations.

After selected to participate in the program, participating students interview with all participating employers. Following these interviews, both the candidates and the employers rank one another. The Committee will then match the students and employers together for their summer clerkship experience based upon their expressed preferences.

Clerkship is organized through MSBA, but individual employers hire students. Participating students are afforded the same level of respect and professionalism as any other student clerk or intern hired by the organization, including

  • normal salary for first-year summer clerks,
  • opportunity to work on substantive legal work, and
  • consideration for an offer to return to work in the future.

In turn, participating student is asked to work for selected employer for an 8-12 week period during the summer following their first-year of law school conducting legal work in an effort to serve the employer and employer’s clients.