Faith Events

Apr 18

The Catholic University in the 21st Century sponsored by the Murphy Institute

Thursday, April 18 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Frey Moot Courtroom

University of St. Thomas School of Law

Minneapolis, MN

Patricia O'Hara, Professor of Law, Notre Dame School of Law; Dean of Notre Dame Law School (1999-2009), first woman officer at the University of Notre Dame, Vice President for Student Affairs (1990-1999).

Invitation to Engage in a Conversation: 

Daring to be Different: Creating a Vision for Catholic Higher Education in Challenging Times

Catholic higher education faces serious challenges from multiple fronts over the next few years. Among them are the economic and demographic pressures confronting all institutions of higher learning, and the difficulties of living up to the charge of Ex corde Ecclesiae to serve as an institutional witness to the convictions of the Catholic Church in an increasingly polarized political climate. Meeting these challenges will require from us precisely what we aspire to provide our students: morally responsible leadership, thinking critically, acting wisely, and working skillfully to advance the common good.

We invite the St. Thomas community to join us in a sustained conversation about how we can creatively and comprehensively respond to these challenges in ways that will contribute to the University's growing prominence as a leader in Catholic higher education. Over the course of this year, we will be offering a serious of programs in which leaders in higher education from around the country share their varied perspectives and experiences with creative approaches to meeting our common challenges. It is our hope that these programs will serve as a catalyst for community-wide conversations about the future of the University.