Faith Events

Nov 03

Mid-Day Reflection: Saints and saints

Monday, Nov. 3, 2014

University of St. Thomas School of Law
MSL 242

Kenneth Woodward, former Newsweek religions editor, defined a saint as “someone through whom we catch a glimpse of what God is like – and of what we are called to be”; in other words, a model and an inspiration to those of us seeking to lead lives of faith.

The Saints occupy an important place in the lives of Catholics, and Nov. 1 this year is All Saints Day. This mid-day reflection will focus on what it means to call someone a saint and on what the saints who have come before us mean to our lives. It will also afford the opportunity to reflect on Saints (and saints – that is, those who have been identified by the Catholic Church through history and those who have not been so recognized) who have had particular meaning in the lives of the participants.

Since we all benefit and grow from the witness of those who came before us, this session hopes to offer inspiration to non-Catholics as well as Catholics.

This program, sponsored by the Holloran Center, will be held from 12:30-1:30 and includes lunch. Given that lunch will be served, please RSVP to Bethany Fletcher at