American Constitution Society

Contemporary American constitutional discourse is frequently entrenched in competing liberal and conservative ideologies. The result has been a legal and political landscape irreconcilable with that which the U.S. Constitution requires. We have a cacophony of partisanship rather than informed and debated legislation, a bounty of disrespect in the place of executive statesmanship, and a lack of reason and pragmatism in our jurisprudence.

Therefore, this student chapter of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) is founded on the principle that our constitutional government is a place where all Americans come together to preserve, protect, and progress the welfare and security of its people.

To achieve this end, we advocate for a strong national government, politicians virtuously devoted to the national interest, practical legislation based on sound findings of fact, and a judiciary cognizant of the present and future implications their decisions have on the lives of the people.

Furthermore, the Constitution demands an interpretation that ensures the endurance of our government throughout the ages. It must be examined through a variety of modalities rather than an overly simplistic concoction of originalisms.

Ultimately, our Constitution is a foundational document of core values: human dignity and liberty, true equality of opportunity, freedom, justice, and the necessity of respect for the democratic ideals of law. It is our purpose to promote these principles and further their application through events that are engaging, educational, and respectful to all reasonable constitutional arguments.

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Jenny Dunham

Vice President
Caitlin Drogemuller

Bryan Wachter

Adam Miller

Director of Communications
Chloe O’Neill