Student Government and Organizations

Student Government

Student Government represents and protects the interests of students through dialogue and participatory decision-making while pursuing the UST School of Law mission.

CPD Advisory, Curriculum, Finance, Hiring, Judicial, Mentor Externship Advisory, Mission, and Social.

Peer Mentor Program Events, Midterm Town Hall Study Session, Finals Town Hall Study Session, Christmas Party, Alumni Panel Lunches, Law Prom, Registration Forum, All School Talent Show, and 3L Graduation Party

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2014-2015 Student Government:

Kaylin Ness

Vice President
Mariam Elrashidi

Nicholas Morgan

Jordan Cook

Judicial Chair
Christian Knox

ABA Representative
Terry Crunk

Committee Liaison
Gustavo Ortiz Reynoso

Social Chair
Meghan Marty

LLM Representative
Kirti Rana

3L Representatives
Megan Bowman and Amanda Diedrich

2L Representatives
Christopher Clark and Jocelyn Norman

1L Representatives
Jules Porter, Erin Johnson, Richard Bennett, and Mahmoud Abumayaleh