Public Service

‌‎‎Recognizing that lawyers are in a strong position to effect positive institutional and social change, UST School of Law expects and encourages all students to explore a variety of ways their interests, skills and talents can best serve the public‎‎.

As a requirement for graduation, all students must complete 50 hours of public service during law school. The purpose and vision of the public service program along with examples of qualifying public service activities appear in the Guidelines for Required Public Service Policy from the school's Policy Manual and in this document: Public Service Requirement

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Public Service Board Members and Duties

"The PSB will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Program. Its duties will include maintaining and distributing to students information about public service opportunities; overseeing the maintenance of the on-line public service reporting system; making determinations as to whether particular service constitutes “qualifying public service” within these Guidelines; and maintaining records of qualifying public service performed by law students. The adviser will certify satisfactory completion of the Program requirements by law students." Academic Policy Manual p. III-8.

Members of Public Service Board

  • Nicole Limper, President
  • Nathan Peters, Vice President/Policy Chair
  • James Robbins, Secretary/Public Service Day
  • Shalini Feranandez, 1L Representative
  • Claire Klein, 1L Representative
  • Saarah Berenjian, 2L Representative
  • Michael McSherry, 2L Representative
  • William Strand, 2L Representative
  • Peter Gifford, 3L Representative
  • Allison Mann, 3L Representative
  • Michael Sly, 3L Representative


Apply for Public Service Board 

Email the PSB Application Fall 2014 ‌to