Public Safety

Public Safety Escort Service

UST Public Safety will provide an escort to any UST student, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, as follows:

Public Safety will escort a student to his or her residence if it is within 6 blocks of the Minneapolis Campus buildings. Escorts of 2-4 blocks will be on foot; escorts of 5-6 blocks will be by UST van (single passenger). 

Students who need an escort to a residence farther than 6 blocks from the campus may request a taxi voucher for the cost of a one-way trip to the student’s residence from the Public Safety Officer on duty.

If the Public Safety Officers on duty are unable to provide an escort within the 6 block radius at the time it is requested, the Officers will order a taxi for the student who desires an escort.

Special request taxi vouchers will be billed to the student’s host school. Here at the School of Law, the Assistant Dean for Student and Multicultural Affairs will pay for taxi voucher requests from the student affairs budget.