Journal of Law and Public Policy

The mission of this Journal is to advance the ideals embodied in the mission statement of the University of St. Thomas School of Law through the exploration of conservative legal thought, public policy and social justice.  The Journal of Law and Public Policy’s Latin subtitle, which translates into “the laws depend not on being read, but on being understood,” is a core foundation of the works we publish and the symposia we host each year.

The Journal of Law and Public Policy is a symposium-based journal.  We host two symposia each year, and ask our contributors to write a paper based on the symposium topic.  This promotes meaningful analysis of important policy and legal issues.  Our symposia also give the law school community a chance to reflect on issues closely connected with the mission and vision of the School of Law and ongoing policy debates.

Our constitution can be found here.

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Sam Nelson

Managing Editor
Elliott Huss

Articles Editor
Leah Menden

Notes and Comments Editor
Sarah Orange

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Rachana Chhin

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Mardell Presler

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Colleen Ritchie

Jamie Reff-Wagner

Cristiana Nita

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Sarah Schaefer

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Trevor Carolan   Christina Hanson   Caitlin Karraker   Joy Nissen   Lauren O'Neil   Natalie Peterson   Lucas Spaeth

Associate Editors

Felix Cannella   Daniel Erickson   Robert Fafinski   Ryan Gott    Brandon Hanson   Brad Johnson   James Kovacs   Willis Krumholz   Timothy LaCroix   Jessica Melheim   Nick Morgan   Ryan Ogren   Michelle Olsen   Carrie Osowski   Natalie Peterson   Caroline Pratt   Stacey Pucko   Laura Reilly   Amy Robertson   Rachel Sebasky   Jennifer Shabel   Matthew Swiontek   Rachel Thurlow   Brian Tripp   Blaine White

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