Directions for Recording Hours

Click here to record your hours


Login using your USERNAME and PASSWORD



Go to OPTION 2 (opportunity not found using CEN) – at bottom of page


You have two options to record the organization name


OPTION 1: Find an organization already entered in CEN

Enter the organization name. If it is in the system it will appear in the box.

Select it and go to the next step.


OPTION 2: If the organization does not appear, go to the bottom of the page to register your organization. Click on REGISTER A NEW ORGANIZATION IN CEN


NOTE: Be sure to try OPTION 1 before entering an organization name in OPTION 2 to avoid duplication of organizations.

Once you have entered an organization it will default to that organization the next time you enter hours. Make sure that you put the proper organization name in every time you enter hours


Select an Opportunity (Volunteer Service)

Select a Time Sheet (Time Sheet)

Select Type of Entry (School of Law)

Participation Date

Short Description

Additional Comments

Total Hours Participated


Break down hours into Direct and Administrative (must add up to total hours) to nearest quarter hour.


Is this a Minnesota Justice Foundation opportunity? Yes or no

Is this a legal or non-legal opportunity?

Press OK.