Public Defenders

Minnesota Public Defenders Offices

State of Minnesota Board of Public Defense: Follow this link for information about Minnesota State Board of Public Defense. This website includes a staff directory, office locations, and general public defender information. 

Current Openings: State of Minnesota Board of Public Defense:Follow this link for current openings with the State of Minnesota Board of Public Defense. 

Offices and County Information: State of Minnesota Board of Public Defense: This website includes links to each judicial district's public defender's office webpage, as well as which counties are represented by each district. 

Nationwide Public Defenders Offices

National Legal Aid & Defender Association: This resource includes a job section in civil legal services, defender organizations, pro bono and public interest organizations, public interest law firms and academia. This site is the good site to search for post-graduate jobs in civil legal services organizations and defender organizations. 

Current Openings: Federal Public Defender’s Office: This is a list of Federal Defender openings, organized by circuit.

Clerking at a Public Defenders Office

Law clerk hiring at public defenders offices in Minnesota occurs in many ways.  First, if you are interested in clerking at a public defender office, consider volunteering first through the Minnesota Justice Foundation.  This will help you learn if the work is a good fit for you, show your interest to future potential employers and greatly increase your chances of getting a paid clerking position. 

When it comes time to apply for a paid law clerk position, you have several options:

  • The Minnesota Board of Public Defense hires summer law clerks for county PD offices throughout the state through its Community Clerkship Program every February. More information can be found at:
  • The Minnesota Justice Foundation typically offers paid clerkships at two to three public defender offices in the metro area and outstate Minnesota. More information can be found here.
  • It is also possible to volunteer to work at a public defender office and apply for funding through a summer fellowship.