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What is a Resume Collect?

Some employers do not interview on campus, but they still accept resumes from our students. For these employers, you will need to upload your materials through Symplicity and bid just as you would for those employers interviewing on campus. The application process is identical, and the deadlines are still the same, but you will notice that there is no interview date listed. The employers will contact you directly if they’d like to follow up with an interview.


How do I say it on my resume?

  • Journal of Law & Public Policy.  If you have participated in the Journal of Law and Public Policy, be sure to include that on your resume.  We ask you to cite it as "Journal of Law and Public Policy (a student organization)" for clarification.
  • Moot Court.  If you are planning on participating in moot court next year, you are welcome to include that as well.  Just cite "UST Moot Court, Planned Participation, 2010-2011."
  • GPA.  When listing your GPA, we suggest that you specify that it is out of 4.0.  Also include your class rank, or "top x% of class."

Remember, you're welcome to come to CPD for a resume review anytime this summer. Start early so you can get an appointment without any delay!

What do I bring to an OCI Interview?

  • Update Resume
  • Cover Letter (if one was needed for the position)
  • Writing Sample
  • Law School Transcript
  • List of References

What do I wear to an interview?

Conservative business attire as many legal employers maintain traditional dress codes.

How early should I arrive for my interview?

Arrive at least 10 minutes before your interview and check in at the front desk of MSL 124.

If you are interviewing in MSL 125 or MSL 138 sit in the waiting area of MSL 124. If you are interviewing in MSL 149, MSL 150, MSL 151, or MSL 152 than take a seat near the front desk in MSL 144.

Unless directed otherwise, wait until you are an interviewer comes to get you. Do not knock on the interview room door.

How do I prepare for my interview?

There are many ways to prepare for your interview: 
  1. You should thoroughly research the employer and the interviewer.  Information on how to research an employer can be found in the Build Your Career section of the CPD website.  Review the employer's website and the biography of the specific interviewer.  The interviewer may change the day of the interview.  Stop by the front desk in MSL 124 to find out who is on campus the day of your interview.  Interviewer names may be found on Symplicity on your Scheduled Interviews page.
  2. Set up an appointment with CPD staff by emailing lawcareers@stthomas.edu.
  3. Politely reach out to alumni who are working at the firm. 
    1. Remember: these are busy practicing attorneys. Be understanding if they cannot respond to you immideatly. Do not send them a list of questions without them agreeing to help. Do not expect them to be able to meet with you the same day or perhaps even the same week that you reach out to them.  
    2. If you do not know how to make a cold call or cold email reach out to CPD staff for assistance.
    3. You can find alumni who are at firms by going to a law firms website, contacting CPD, or going to the UST Law Lawyer Search webpage.
  4. Talk to other UST Law faculty and staff.  
  5. Take advantage of mock interviews organized by CPD in August.

Where are the interview rooms located?

Interviews will take place throughout the St. Thomas School of Law.  To find which room your interview will be in please check Symplicity.  Interview rooms may change last minute.  Stop by the front desk in the Student Services Suite (MSL 124) to verify the room.  

Do I need to report my summer employment to the Office of Career and Professional Development?

As a St. Thomas Law student, you are required to report your summer employment to the Office of Career and Professional Development.  Therefore, you should respond promptly to all Career and Professional Development email requests for employment status or notify CPD as soon as possible of your summer employment status.  

Can I cancel an interview?

You are expected to attend all interviews for which you sign up.  If you need to cancel an interview, you need to give at least 2 full business days' notice before the interview date.  Please only cancel interview in the case of an emergency.  If you have to cancel an interview, you will need to provide a written explanation and apology along with the cancellation notice to the employer.

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