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Minnesota Court of Appeals Application

Minnesota Supreme Court Application (2014 Application TBD)

The following information regarding Minnesota State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals application materials was true for the 2013 hiring process. The process may change for 2014, so please check back in the Spring of 2014. 

Minnesota Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Required Materials

Application Form                                    

You'll need to apply online directly at the MN Courts Employment website. You'll fill out an application form and attach your resume and writing sample to it.

You will need to submit two applications if you'd like to be considered for both the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.


Don't forget, you are always welcome to have your resume reviewed at CPD!  Email or call 651-962-4860 to set up an appointment today.


The Courts require an official copy of your transcript.  You will need to fill out a transcript request form and request that it is sent directly to the Court.  Information can be found at the UST Registrar's Office website.

Only one official transcript is required, even if you are applying to both courts.

Class Rank Letter

Please email Dan Winterlin at by July 23, 2013 to request that an official letter certifying your class rank be sent to the Court.  Be sure to indicate clearly that you are requesting your class ranking be sent to the MN Supreme Court for your clerkship application. Once completed, the letter will be sent directly to the Court for you.

Only one class rank letter is required, even if you are applying to both courts.

Legal Writing Sample

When choosing a writing sample, your top goal should be to select the best sample of your writing.  Law school assignments are acceptable, but if you have a sample from a law job you can use that as well.  Generally writing samples should be 8-10 pages in length.  Be sure to include cover sheet with a heading and introduction to your writing sample.

Minnesota Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Optional Materials

Cover Letter

Though cover letters are not required, please consider including one indicating what you are applying for, the materials you are including and any components that are arriving separately.

It is up to you whether to provide more detail in the cover letter.  Deborah Straus in Behind the Bench recommends that cover letters be short, sweet and to the point.  Not all judges and justices agree with this.  Some, such as Justice Paul Anderson, suggest you can use your cover letter to explain yourself and "come alive."  Whatever you decide, make sure it is well written.  You are better off with a well-written short and sweet letter than one that is slightly longer but poorly written.

Write one cover letter per court, and address it either "Dear Honorable Judges" for the Court of Appeals or "Dear Honorable Justices" for the Supreme Court.

Recommendation Letters

Only one copy of each letter per court is required.  You'll need separate letters for each court, addressed "Dear Honorable Justices" to the Supreme Court Justices or "Dear Honorable Judges" to Court of Appeals Judges as appropriate.  The court administration will make the necessary copies and distribute them to each judge or justice.

The Courts prefer that recommenders send letters directly to the Court. However, applicants may send letters if the letters are in envelopes sealed and signed by the recommender. Letters should be sent to:

Human Resources Department
Room G30
25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, MN 55155