Getting an Employer Approved for Work Study

Getting an Employer Approved for Federal Work Study

If you are seeking to be approved for a federal work study position at an organization you have found on your own, or with which you have a pre-existing relationship, you will need to provide UST Law with your job description and the mission statement of the organization.  You can email this information to with the words “Possible work study employer?” in the subject line and we will let you know if the employer can be approved.  

Legal aid organizations and nonprofit agencies have been approved in the past and may be approved in the future.  However, UST Law needs the job description and the organization’s mission statement to make certain they are eligible each time they hire.  Here are some examples of 501(c)3 organizations that have been approved in the past with links to their mission statements:

All Parks Alliance for Change

Central Minnesota Legal Services

Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis

Minnesota Justice Foundation

Regional Native Public Defense Corporation