Approved Federal Work Study Employers

Approved Federal Work Study Employers

An employer must be approved to participate in UST Law’s Federal Work Study program.  Generally, state governmental offices, county and city attorney offices and public defender offices are eligible employers.   Here are some examples of governmental employers that have been approved:

County Attorney Offices:

Anoka County Attorney Office

Dakota County Attorney Office

Olmsted County Attorney Office

Ramsey County Attorney Office

Washington County Attorney Office

City Attorney Offices:

City Attorney of Minneapolis

City of St. Paul, Office of Human Rights and EEO

State Public Defender Offices:

1st District Public Defender

2nd District Public Defender

5th District Public Defender

7th District Public Defender

9th District Public Defender

10th District Public Defender, Anoka Office

10th District Public Defender, Stillwater Office

Appellate Public Defenders Office

Governmental Offices:

4th Judicial District Self Help Center

Minnesota Department of Labor