Research an Identified Employer

Research an Identified Employer

Knowing as much as possible about potential employers is key to writing great resumes and cover letters and to successful interviews.  The more you know the better equipped you are to ask questions and make yourself stand out as the perfect person for the job.  Here are some research tips if you want to know more about an employer you have already identified.

1. Start Your Research at the Employer’s Website 

  • Read any mission or vision statements and descriptions of programs or services to see how the organization describes itself. It is important to know how they define themselves.
  • Look for anything that says News or What’s New. This will give you the latest information on what is happening and possible clues on new areas or projects you might fit into.
  • Look for an annual report or strategic plan and read it carefully.
  • Pay attention to the overall format and design of the site. Are they conservative or funky; are they traditional or more creative?
  • If you know of specific individuals with whom you will be interviewing pay close attention to their bios. 

2. Check Legal Directories, Business Directories and Other Employer Information Sources for Outside Profiles of the Employer

Here is a sample of legal and business directories. Check for other jobs posted, employer demographics, and office locations. Employers often provide the information in these directories.

3. Turn to Search Engines

Employers are going to run a search on you. You should also run a search on them. 

4.  Ask Actual People

Don't underestimate the value of talk to people who have experience with an employer. This is a great way to get the inside scoop on company culture. 

5. Search Social Media

Social Media is a great way to find out what a potential employer wants to share with the world. This is information they want you to see, what they are proud of, and how they want to be perceived.