2010 Placement Statistics

Employment Statistics


Employment Summary for the Class of 2010

The following chart summarizes overall employment data for the Class of 2010, based on the data provided to NALP, the Association for Legal Career Professionals.   All statistics reflect graduates’ employment nine months after graduation.

Category   NumberPercentages
Total Graduates  



Nine Months after Graduation

Total Graduates Employed (NALP Employment Calculation)



Total Graduates Employed (USNWR Employment Calculation)  134    86.5%
Not Seeking Employment Because Enrolled in Fulltime Degree Program



Not Seeking Employment



Of Those Seeking Work, Percentage Employed **  





are out of 

Bar Admission Required



JD Preferred



Professional - Other



Non-Professional - Other



Job Type Unknown



At Graduation

Total Graduates Employed at Graduation (It has come to our attention that U.S. News published an inaccurate employment at graduation statistic. This is the correct percentage.)



* When reported to the ABA there were 134 employed and 2 unknown.  We have subsequently learned that the two unknowns were employed.

**Some law schools present placement statistics that do not count those alumni “not seeking employment” or those “enrolled in full-time degree programs” because those graduates are not actually seeking work.   If we use the same method in calculating our numbers, our percentage of alums employed from the Class of 2010 would be 90.6% (136/150 rather than our reported 87.7% or 136/155).  Our percentage of those seeking and not employed at nine months is 9% (14/155).


are out of 

Employer Type                  



Law Firm



Public Interest






Judicial Clerkship
















Geographic Locations - Where the Class of 2010 Works

Over 80% of the employed Class of 2010 decided to live and work in the upper midwest, primarily in the vibrant Twin Cities legal community. 

Minnesota                                       101
Iowa 5
California 4
Illinois 3
Wisconsin 2
New England (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT): 0.0%
Middle Atlantic (NJ, NY, PA): 0.8%
South Atlantic (DE, DC, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV): 0.8%
North East Central (IL, IN, MI, OH, WI): 5.5%
North West Central (IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD): 84.4%
South East Central (AL, KY, MS, TN): 0.0%
South West Central (AR, LA, OK, TX): 0.0%
Mountain (AZ, ID, CO, MT NV, NM, UT, WY): 3.9%
Pacific (AK, CA, HI, OR, WA): 4.7%
International: 0.0%
Unknown: 3.9%


Job Types and Salary Information for the Class of 2010

This chart sets out the catagories of employment settings where the employed graduates of the Class of 2010 work:

Where Class of 2010 Works graph


The next table gives salary information by employment setting. The salary information included was gathered from the 2010 graduates nine months after graduation and includes salaries for both full- and part-time employment.  Salaries for the Academic category were omitted since the number of graduates who provided information was fewer than five.

Type of Employer Percentage of Employed Graduates Salary Range Average Salary Number Who Provided Salary Information
Law Firms 35.8% $26,000-$120,000 $65,300 24
Business/Industry 26.1% $12,000-$150,000 $61,100 13
Public Interest 8.2% $9,000-58,000 $37,500 5
Government/Military 11.2% $35,000-$60,000 $50,878 6
Judicial Clerkship 11.2% $40,000-$54,000 $47,100 10


Law Firm Size and Salary Information for the Class of 2010

35.8% of the Class of 2010 is working in a law firm setting.  These charts reflect the size of the law firms that have employed 2010 graduates and the graduates’ salaries by firm size.  Historically, over three-quarters of our graduates employed in private practice work in small- to medium-sized law firms.  For the Class of 2010, the 8% of graduates working in firms over 100 attorneys reflects the demographic of the Minnesota legal market, where only nine law firms have over 100 attorneys.

Law Firm Size Class Of 2010 graph


Law Firm Size Percentage Graduates Employed in Law Firms Salary Range Average Salary Number Who Provided Salary Information
2-10 Attorneys 62.5% $31,000-$80,000 $53,500 12
20.9% $26,000-$120,000 $62,000 8


Business or Industry Information for the Class of 2010

Over one-quarter of employed graduates from the Class of 2010 are working in a business or industry setting.  The charts below indicate the type of business employers where those employed graduates work and the type of business jobs they hold.  Jobs in business and industry include both legal and non-legal employment.

Business Employers Class of 2010 graph

Type of Business Job Class of 2010 graph  


Public Interest Information for the Class of 2010

Over 8% of the employed graduates of the Class of 2010 work in the public interest field.  This graph identifies the positions held by those employed 2010 graduates working in public interest.

Type of Public Interest Job Class of 2010 graph

For every year over the past seven years, a greater percentage of UST Law graduates have worked in public interest than the national average.  This higher percentage is probably attributable to the mission-focus of UST and our graduates.

Graph comparing UST public interest job versus the national average.


Other Information about the Class of 2010

The graphs below set out a variety of information about the Class of 2010, including temporary v. permanent employment, full-time v. part-time status, how the graduates found their jobs, and when they received their job offers.

Terms of Hire Class Of 2010 graph  

Employment Status OCI: Class of 2010 graph



The following charts compare data across UST Law graduating classes.  Since 2007, the decrease in the percentage of employed graduates nine months after graduation and the decrease in the percentage of graduates employed in positions requiring bar admission (with a corresponding increase in the percentage of graduates employed in positions that only prefer a JD) is affected by the difficult economic climate. 

Employment Status: Nine months after graduation graph for Class of 2010.

  The following charts identify a consistent pattern of employment over the course of our graduating classes in private practice, business, public interest, and judicial clerkships.  In addition, most of our graduates each year stay and work in Minnesota.

Employment Context: Nine months after graduation graph for class of 2010.

Job Location Nine Months: After Graduation Class of 2010 graph.   


2008-2010 Employers

The following list of employers, organized by employer type, includes those employers which required the graduates to be admitted to the bar or preferred the graduates to have a JD degree. 

Law Firm Employers

  • Aafedt, Forde, Gray, Monson & Hager, P.A.
  • Anderson & Morbey, LLP
  • Askegaard & Robinson, P.A.
  • Bartz & Bartz, P.A.
  • Bassford Remele
  • Bechtel & Santo, LLP
  • Berens, Rodenberg & O'Connor
  • Blaschko & Associates Law Firm, PLLC
  • Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman & Balint
  • Borene Law Firm, P. A.
  • Borgos Law, PLLC
  • Bowman & Brooke, L.L.P.
  • Briggs & Morgan, P.A.
  • Cameron Law Office
  • Cannon Heyman & Weiss
  • Cody Law Offices
  • Concordia Law Group
  • Corson Law Offices
  • Courey, Kosanda & Zimmer
  • Cylkowski Law Office
  • David J. Malban Law Offices
  • Davis & Goldfarb
  • Debeer & Associates
  • Donna Law Firm
  • Dorsey and Whitney LLP
  • Doumanian & Associates
  • Drew Kniffin
  • Erstad & Riemer, P.A.
  • Faegre & Benson LLP
  • Fafinski, Mark and Johnson
  • Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon & Vogt, P.A.
  • Foley & Mansfield, PLLP
  • Forthright, LLC
  • Fredrikson Byron
  • Furuseth Law Firm P.C.
  • Geraghty, O'Loughlin & Kenney
  • Germscheid & Heimerl
  • Gislanson and Hunter
  • Grandchamp, Guyette & Cronin, PLLC
  • Gray & Associates, LLP
  • Gray Plant Mooty
  • Gregerson, Rosow, Johnson & Nilan, Ltd.
  • Hansen, Dordell, Bradt, Odlaug & Bradt, P.L.L.P.
  • Harrison & Weisbuch
  • Heimerl & Lammers
  • Henson & Efron, PA
  • Hinshaw & Culbertson
  • Howse & Thompson, PA
  • Huffman, Usem, Saboe, Crawford & Greenberg, P.A.
  • Igbanugo Partners International Law Firm
  • Jaspers, Moriarty & Walburg, P.A.
  • John E. Trojack Law Office
  • Johnson & Condon, P.A.
  • Justin W. Schemmel
  • Kathleen M. Newman & Associates
  • Kelly & Berens, P.A.
  • Kelly, Hannaford & Battles P.A.
  • Kenyon Criminal Defense
  • Kinney & Lange
  • Klun Law Firm
  • Krass Monroe, P.A.
  • Kris A. Wittwer Law Office
  • KTF Law Firm
  • Lapp, Libra, Thomson, Stoebner and Pusch                             
  • Law Office of David J. Dustrud
  • Law Office of Jed Benjamin Iverson
  • Law Office of Kalyan Pokala
  • Law Office of Stephanie J. Margolis, PLLC
  • Law Offices of Thomas H. Shiah
  • Leonard, Street and Deinard
  • Lindquist & Vennum P.L.L.P.
  • Mackoff Kellogg Law Firm
  • Mansur & O’Leary, PA
  • McCanna, Dudas & Kewley, S.C.
  • McClean and Heavens Law Offices
  • Meagher & Geer, P.L.L.P.
  • Meardon, Sueppel & Downer PLC
  • MET Law Group
  • Moulton Bellingham, PC
  • Myers Thompson, P.A.
  • Nichols Kaster, PLLP
  • Nyberg Law PLLC
  • Oberman Thompson & Segal
  • O'Flaherty Heim Egan LTD.
  • Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnelly, L.L.P.
  • Peper Law Offices, PC
  • Peter B. Wold, P.A.
  • Quinlivan & Hughes, P.A.
  • Rai & Barone, PC
  • Reilly, Janiczek & McDevitt, P.C.
  • Richard J Harden, PA
  • Robert P. Christensen, P.A.
  • Robichaud & Anderson P.A.
  • Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, L.L.P.
  • Sandy Law Firm, P.C.
  • Seymour Kremer Koch & Lochowicz LLP 
  • Sitzmann Law Firm
  • Soffer Charbonnet Law Group, PLLC
  • Special Counsel - Minnesota Office
  • Stitch Angell Kreidler & Dodge PA
  • Swanson, Drobnick & Tousey, LLP
  • Thomason Law Office
  • Thornton Sperry Jensen & Keithahn
  • Thrasher, Pelish, Franti, Smith
  • Tillman Law Firm
  • VanDertleyden Law Office
  • Verdeja Law Office
  • Voegele Law
  • Waldeck & Lind, P.A.
  • Wassel, Harvey, & Schuk L.L.P.
  • Wheaton Law Group
  • Wheeler & Engelhart, PA
  • Wiedner & McAuliffe
  • Wilson Law Group
  • Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.
  • Zelle Hofmann Voelbel Mason & Gette
  • Zimmerman Reed, P.L.L.P.


Business or Industry Employers

  • AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc.  
  • American Academy of Neurology
  • Atwater State Bank/State Bank of Kimball 
  • Beacon Hill Legal
  • CJ Moyna & Sons Construction Company
  • Cardinal Intellectual Property
  • Commercial Partners Title, LLC
  • Deloitte
  • Digital River, Inc.
  • Entegris, Inc.
  • Exos Corporation
  • Fairview Health Services
  • Federated Mutual Insurance Company
  • FindLaw
  • Food Service Insurance Managers
  • GMAC Mortgage Corp.
  • Hudson Legal
  • KPMG
  • Kelly Law Registry
  • Kroll Ontrack
  • LexisNexis
  • Life Time Fitness, Inc.
  • Macy's
  • Management Guidance Inc.
  • Mark Dayton for a Better Minnesota                      
  • McKinley Consulting
  • Morgan Stanley
  • National Arbitration Forum
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association
  • Otter Tail Power Co.
  • Professional Employment Group                         
  • Real Results 101
  • Robert Half Legal
  • Supervalu, INC.
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Trustmark Insurance Co
  • Trustwater Group
  • Wells Fargo & Company
  • Workman Secuities Corp.
  • Wrecker Services, Inc.
  • XCEL Energy Services Inc.


Public Interest Employers

  • A Global Priority
  • Appellate Defender's Office
  • Catholic Charities
  • Central Minnesota Legal Services
  • Colorado State Public Defender
  • Eckankar
  • Hennepin County Public Defender's Office
  • HOMELine
  • Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Service
  • Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe
  • Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota
  • Midwest Disability
  • Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, Band Member Legal Aid
  • Minneapolis City Attorney's Office
  • Minnesota 10th District Public Defender's Office
  • Office of the State Appellate Defender
  • Olmsted County Public Defender's Office
  • Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations
  • Pierce County Deptartment of Assigned Counsel
  • State of Alaska Public Defender Agency
  • Wisconsin State Public Defenders Office
  • WomensLaw.org
  • World Youth Alliance


Government Employers

  • Anoka County Attorney's Office
  • City Attorney's Office--St. Paul
  • City of Manitowoc- City Attorney
  • Clayton County Attorney's Office
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Hennepin County Attorney's Office
  • Kane County State Attorney
  • Minnesota 2nd District Domestic Abuse and Harassment Office
  • Office of Senate Counsel and Research for the Minnesota Senate
  • Portage County Corporation Counsel
  • Ramsey County Sheriffs Department
  • Senate HELP Committee's Health Policy Office                                              
  • South Dakota Attorney General's Office
  • St. Paul Department of Human Rights
  • State of Minnesota
  • State of New Jersey
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management
  • US Department of Transportation
  • US General Services Administration
  • Winona County Attorney's Office
  • Wisconsin State Senate


Judicial Clerkships

  • Alaska Superior Court                          
  • Colorado 4th Judicial District
  • Douglas County, Kansas District Court  
  • Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals    
  • Idaho Supreme Court
  • Minnesota Court of Appeals
  • Minnesota Department of Commerce
  • Minnesota 10th Judicial District Court
  • Minnesota 1st Judical District Court
  • Minnesota 2nd Judicial District Court
  • Minnesota 3rd Judicial District
  • Minnesota 4th Judicial District Court
  • Minnesota 5th Judicial District Court
  • Minnesota 6th Judicial District
  • Minnesota 7th Judicial District Court
  • Minnesota 9th Judicial District Court
  • Minnesota Supreme Court
  • Placer County Superior Court
  • US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit                 
  • US Bankruptcy Court
  • White Earth Reservation Tribal Court



  • United States Army Judge Advocate General
  • United States Coast Guard Judge Advocate General                                                                                    
  • United States Navy Judge Advocate General


Academic Employers

  • Prior Lake-Savage School District
  • University of Miami School of Law
  • University of St. Thomas School of Law 
  • University of St. Thomas School of Law Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services