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As an alum of UST School of Law, you bring passion to the practice of law, offer unconditional commitment to clients, further social justice through pro bono service, and work to balance your professional and family endeavors. As a member of our alumni community, you work tirelessly to strengthen the reputation of UST School of Law. Your passion for your calling, causes, families, volunteer activities, and one another reminds the law school community daily of the impact our alumni are making on the legal, non-profit, government, and business sectors.

Each fiscal year, July 1 to June 30, UST School of Law alumni come together to participate in annual giving, delivering one of the highest rates of participation among ABA-accredited law schools. Alumni commitment and participation inspires the extended UST community to support the law school. Donors and benefactors look to our alumni level of participation when deciding whether to fund scholarships, and support faculty endeavors and new programs.

Thank you for considering a gift to UST School of Law this fiscal year. Our goal each year is to reach 50 percent participation by June 30. To participate, please click on one of the gift designation links under "Give Today" on the upper right side of this page.

Ways to Give

Giving On-Line - Deadlines and Details

Online giving is a convenient way to make a one-time gift to any designation. You may access our online giving by going to "Give Today" on the right side of this page and clicking on any of the School of Law designations listed.  Gifts can be made on-line until 11:59 p.m. (CST) on June 30.

Otherwise, if you would like to make a gift over the telephone to ensure your gift counts by the June 30th deadline, contact the Director of Alumni Relations Nicole Fredricks Jackson at (651) 962-4863 or Gift Officer Amy Fistler at (651) 962-6941 or 1-800-328-6819, ext. 2-6941, for assistance.

Giving Made Easy - Create a Sustaining Relationship

A sustaining relationship allows a donor to demonstrate support for UST Law and its mission over a longer period of time. Participation continues automatically on a monthly or yearly basis. Donors who enter into a sustaining relationship will be removed from all other annual giving solicitations, including phone calls in spring and early summer.

Sustaining relationship members can increase, decrease or cancel a monthly or yearly gift at any time.  To create a sustaining relationship, complete the Sustaining Relationship Form today. Mail the completed form to: Development Office, University of St. Thomas, P.O. Box 64947, Saint Paul, MN 55164-0947.  You may also complete the form over the telephone by contacting the UST Development Office at (651) 962-6999 or (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-6941.

Mailing Your Gift - Deadlines and Details

If you would like to make your gift by check, you may complete the UST School of Law Donation Form. Mail the completed form to: Development Office, University of St. Thomas, P.O. Box 64947, Saint Paul, MN 55164-0947. Gifts by mail must be postmarked by June 30 to count toward the current year's campaign.

Matching Gifts Can Double Your Impact

Your employer may have a matching gift program. For a list of participating programs and eligibility, go to



Descriptions of the School of Law Designations:

Annual Fund

The School of Law Annual Fund bridges the gap between tuition income and the actual cost of educating students each year. Contributions help preserve and improve the excellence of the School of Law, making them vital to a high-quality legal education. By definition, Annual Fund gifts are applied to annual operating budgets and are not used for more permanent, enduring resources such as endowed chairs/professorships and buildings, nor are they used to support the centers associated with the School of Law.

Annual Scholarship Designation

Securing gifts to the School of Law Scholarship designation for scholarships, grants and fellowships is a top priority for the School of Law. Financial aid helps to develop and enhance the law school's national profile by attracting top students. 

BLSA Scholarship

In the fall of 2011, the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) Scholarship was established to recognize an incoming first-year law student who shows great promise to be an outstanding law student and member of the law com­munity. The scholarship seeks to support a student who demonstrates the skills and passion to be a leader in the BLSA student organization. School of Law BSLA alumni Kevin Mitchell ’09, Artika Tyner ’06, and Tisidra Jones ’12 were instrumental in the creation of the scholarship.

UST - MJF Public Interest Fellowship Grant

The UST - MN Justice Foundation Public Interest Fellowship Grant (MJF) giving category provides alumni another avenue to support the School of Law's mission of improving the conditions of the disadvantaged and underserved, reflecting the school's commitment to social justice. Alumni participating in the UST-MJF Public Interest Legal Fellowship support, dollar for dollar, a UST Law student who works for an MJF-participating legal aid office or public interest organization.

Loan Forgiveness Designation

Consistent with its mission of encouraging faith-based social justice initiatives, the School of Law is committed to a meaningful loan repayment assistance program for alumni who work in public service jobs. Supporting the Loan Forgiveness Program - Law School designation will help ensure that School of Law graduates will be able to take, and stay in, positions that address unmet legal and community needs. The Loan Repayment Assistance Program helps to extend the reach of the School of Law mission in caring for the poor and underserved with high-quality legal representation.

Class of 2004 School of Law Endowed Scholarship

During its 10-year reunion, the class of 2004 set out to establish an endowed scholarship, stating "To those whom much is given, much is expected." In one month the class raised enough to endow the scholarship. The School of Law is grateful for this tremendous gesture by its inaugural class.

Thomas M. Mengler Scholarship

The Mengler Scholarship designation was established in honor and recognition of Thomas Mengler's 10 years of leadership as the Dean of the School of Law. The Mengler Scholarship will be awarded yearly to a first year law student.

3L Class Gift

By participating in the 3L Class Gift - Law School giving category, UST School of Law 3Ls carry forward a yearly tradition of participating in a class gift campaign, while showing their solidarity as a class. Each year the class gift includes two parts: (1) a tangible item selected by the class and (2) a public interest law fellowship that will be awarded to a student working for a public interest organization during the summer one year after the 3L class graduates.