Alumni Board Criteria

Criteria considered for Alumni Board Service includes, but is not limited to, the following:

- A Board candidate may have served the School of Law in some capacity. Examples include:

    • Alumni speaker;
    • Resource for an academic department or program office;
    • Annual Giving Committee member;
    • Alumni Program, Social or Reunion Committee member;
    • Participation in any student committee or program;
    • Participation in other activities relating to the School of Law.

- Consideration will be given to the Board candidates participation in the Annual Giving Campaign.

- A Board candidate shall have demonstrated a variety of leadership skills and attributes through his/her academic, professional and/or volunteer endeavors.

- Directors will be selected with consideration of geographic locations and class year, thus maintaining a Board that is representative of the alumni population.

- For candidates for the Secretary/Treasurer position, consideration will be given to the candidates prior service on the Alumni Board.

Once selected, pursuant to the Bylaws, each Alumni Board member shall contribute to the Annual Giving Campaign.  Each member shall exercise his or her discretion in determining the amount of the contribution.  Board members shall assist with the fundraising efforts of the Annual Giving Campaign.