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School of Law alumna Kristi Schlosser Carlson '06 poses for a portrait in the Frey Moot Courtroom.‌Our graduates mean many things to many people.  To the University of St. Thomas School of Law, our graduates are shining examples of what is good and right with the legal profession.  The School of Law applauds and supports your work as a respected member of the legal community and appreciates your continued relationship with the School of Law.

The Alumni Relations Office is committed to a model of servant leadership for the benefit of all alumni.  The Office strives to meet the unique needs of individual graduates, maintain a strong community among School of Law alumni and friends, and support the school's mission in the profession. 

The Alumni Relations Office is committed to your success throughout your career and is here to partner with you during your personal and professional journey.

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We welcome submissions for inclusion in the Class Action: Notes from Our Alumni section of the St. Thomas Lawyer magazine. Submit your class note via the Class Note Submission Form (below) or send a note directly to your Class Notes Editor:

Class of 2004: Liz Odette and Susan Beltz; Class of 2005: Jennifer (Beech) Lohse; Class of 2006: Ian Dobson; Class of 2007: Chuck Berendes; Class of 2008: Kelly Binford Micheletti; Class of 2009: Erin Lord; Class of 2010: Meghann Kantke and Garin Strobl; Class of 2011: Pamela Steinle and Callie Lehman; Class of 2012: Salena Koster and Courtney Seckevtich; Class of 2013: Matt Limoges; Class of 2014: Austin Bowyer


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Brad Walz ’04

Brad Walz '04

Sometimes all those classroom activities in high school make a difference in somebody’s life. Case in point? Brad Walz ’04, a share-holder at Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.

Tim Flynn ’11

Tim Flynn story

Life sometimes presents opportunities that can be turning points for those with the eyes to see them. Tim Flynn ’11 is one who has recognized those key moments and used them to build a career of upholding human rights.