St. Thomas Law Alumni

AS A GRADUATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS SCHOOL OF LAW, you bring passion to the practice of law, offer unconditional commitment to clients, further social justice through pro bono service, and weave excellence into your professional and family endeavors. As a member of our alumni community, you work tirelessly to strengthen the reputation of the School of Law. Your passion for your calling, causes, family, volunteer activities, and fellow classmates reminds us daily of the impact our alumni are making on the legal, non-profit, government, and business sectors.‌

What's new with you?

Did you get a promotion or win a big case? Have a shiny new award on your desk? Did you recently tie the knot or welcome a new child into your family? Your classmates want to hear about it! Submit your news to us via the Class Note Submission Form, or send a note directly to your Class Notes Editor (below), and we'll brag about you in the Class Action: Notes from Our Alumni section of St. Thomas Lawyer magazine. We also welcome photo submissions for inclusion in the class notes section.

Class of 2004
Liz Odette and Susan Beltz
Class of 2005
Jennifer (Beech) Lohse
Class of 2006
Ian Dobson
Class of 2007
Chuck Berendes
Class of 2008
Kelly Binford Micheletti
Class of 2009
Erin (Lord) Gross
Class of 2010
Meghann Kantke & Garin Strobl
Class of 2011
Pamela Steinle
Class of 2012
Salena Koster & Courtney Seckevtich Brod
Class of 2013
Matt Limoges
Class of 2014
Austin Bowyer & Anthony Truong
Class of 2015
Nick Morgan

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