Debbie Walker

Debbie Walker

‌Debbie Walker, Class of 2014

Undergraduate: University College Dublin

Why did you choose the University of St. Thomas School of Law?

Ultimately, I was intrigued by the mission of the school and by how successful the school had been in a short period of time. Then, as soon as I set my foot in the door, I decided on St Thomas. There is an atmosphere that just makes you want to be here.

What has been your experience at UST School of law?

From the beginning, it has been a rich experience. The classes are challenging, the faculty are engaged, and the people are intelligent and interesting. I’ve enjoyed it and have been challenged by it. Overall, I have felt that I’m being prepared for a great, interesting career but also that I have had the opportunity to grow personally and know exceptional people.

What makes the UST School of Law a community?

From the top down, there is a respect for others and a willingness to share in other people’s experiences, and these are what make the school a community. There is a sense that we will be better lawyers by knowing each other, learning from each other and seeing our careers as involving more than our individual successes. 

What are you involved in outside of the classroom?

I was involved primarily with the student chapter of the Minnesota Justice Foundation and organizing the Paddle Battle 2011 downstairs at the table tennis tables. It’s a unique stage of life to have the opportunity to hear from so many people who are experienced in their fields.

What is the best advice you can give an incoming student to the School of Law?

You will grow, and you will get better at exams, the technical aspects of lawyering and understanding the law. It’s less overwhelming if you remember that it is a process.