The University of St. Thomas School of Law administers a scholarship program for students with outstanding academic records or who are particularly likely to contribute to the school’s mission.

The School of Law does not designate a specific number of scholarships to be awarded in an academic year, but instead awards scholarship from a broad pool of scholarship monies. In awarding scholarships to students, our goal is to use the pool of money to attract and reward students who may bring a strong academic background, a unique view point, and/or a dynamic experiential voice. It is also our goal to attract students who bring ethnic and cultural diversity to our law school community.

There is no separate application other than the law school admissions application. Applicants may be invited to participate in a scholarship interview prior to the scholarship decision. The scholarship interview is optional. 

The criteria for receiving a scholarship are the same as those used for admitting a student to the School of Law. Applications are reviewed on a whole file basis with attention paid to those students who display broad strength in a combination of LSAT, undergraduate GPA, and mission fit.

All scholarships apply to UST School of Law tuition at the awarded percentage in all periods of enrollment (i.e. Fall, J-Term, Spring, Summer, Rome program); up to 88 credits, or the maximum needed for the degree program, in cases of joint degrees or part-time.  Students retain the scholarship provided they remain in good academic standing. This means our scholarships are not conditional scholarships as defined in ABA Standard 509, Interpretation 509-4. For more information on the UST School of Law Scholarship policy, refer to Section II-6 of the policy manual.

President's Scholarship

The President’s Scholarship is awarded on behalf of Dr. Julie Sullivan, president of the University of St. Thomas. President’s Scholars typically reflect strength in their academic performance and demonstrate a compelling fit with the mission of the School of Law. President’s Scholars receive a full-tuition scholarship.

Dean's Scholarship

The Dean’s Scholarship is awarded on behalf of the Dean of the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Dean’s Scholars typically reflect strength in their academic performance and demonstrate a compelling fit with the mission of the School of Law. Dean’s Scholars receive a partial-tuition scholarship that can range up to 90% of tuition annual award for the three years of law school.

Dean's Service Scholarship

The University of St. Thomas School of Law offers a Dean's Service Scholarship. Every admissible applicant who has completed or is scheduled to complete a service commitment through one of the organizations listed below is guaranteed a 20% renewable three-year scholarship. The terms of service must be one year or longer. 

Service scholars will also be eligible for additional Dean's scholarship awards ranging from 10% to 90% of tuition. There is no additional scholarship application required for the Service Scholarship award, but an applicant must include a statement in their application materials at the time of application indicating their service period and may be asked for documentation verifying the completion of the service commitment.


  • AmeriCorps
  • Brethren Voluntary Service
  • Catholic Volunteer Network and member organizations
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Mission
  • Jesuit Volunteer Corps
  • Lutheran Volunteer Corps
  • Mennonite Voluntary Service
  • Peace Corps
  • Teach for America

Access to Justice Scholarship

The Access to Justice Scholars program is a $75,000 scholarship program for individuals who have an interest in and commitment to pursuing legal practice in a small-town or rural setting. Through the program, UST School of Law works with the Minnesota State Bar Association to match Access to Justice scholars with a mentor experienced in small-town or rural practice.

All academically qualified applicants are invited to submit an essay explaining their interest in, and commitment to, pursuing legal practice in a small-town or rural setting. The essay should be submitted with the application for admission. Applicants will be invited to interview with a faculty admissions committee. Awardees are granted $25,000 or the equivalent percentage of tuition each year of the three-year J.D. program. This scholarship program is for new incoming students beginning in fall 2015.

Additional Minnesota and National Scholarship Opportunities and Resources

American Association for Justice (AAJ) Law Student Scholarships and Awards

  • Mike Eidson Scholarship Fund - Awarded to a rising female 3L who has demonstrated a commitment to a career as a trial lawyer
  • Trial Advocacy Scholarship - Award of $2,500, open to all second and third-year AAJ Law  Student Members
  • Leesfield Scholarship - Award $2,500 to a law student for attendance at AAJ's Annual Convention
  • Richard D. Hailey Scholarship - Up to six $1,000 scholarships will be awarded; open to all incoming first, second, and third-year African American, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American, and Bi-racial AAJ Law Student Members
  • Alia Herrera Memorial Scholarship - Award $3,000, open to Law Student Members who are entering their second or third year of law school, or have the equivalent of one year to complete.

ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund

American Indian College Fund

American Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation
The Sidney B. Williams Jr. Intellectual Property Law Scholarships

Appelman Law Firm Criminal Defense Law Scholarship

Auto Accident Survivor Scholarship

Console & Hollawell Legal Leaders Scholarship

Davis Levin Livingston Scholarship - Promotes Public Interest Law

Donald W. Banner Diversity Scholarship


Fredrikson & Byron Minority Scholarship

The Gates Millennium Scholars

Hispanic College Fund

Humane Studies Fellowship-Institute of Humane Studies

Law Student Diversity Scholarship Application

The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association

Ramsey County Bar Association Diversity Scholarship

Range Bar Association Scholarship

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity

United Negro College Fund

Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason Diversity in Law Scholarship