Citation Materials

Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation

The Bluebook website includes tips for citing various materials (Blue tips) and updates to the Bluebook. You can also view past editions of the Bluebook and purchase online access to the current edition of the Bluebook. If you have citation questions or other questions about the substance of The Bluebook, you can contact Bluebook editors at 

The reference librarians are also able to assist you with Bluebook citation questions. You can stop by the reference desk in the library, send an email, or call (651) 962-4902.

LexisNexis Interactive Citation Workstation

This Workstation will help you learn the citation rules. You will also become familiar with The Bluebook as a reference guide for finding citation rules.

Cornell Legal Citation Guide

The Cornell Legal Citation Guide will help you understand and apply the arcane formats used to properly cite legal authorities.