Criminal Law

Focused course work in the criminal-law area helps prepare students to serve individuals and the common good as prosecutors, public defenders, or private defense attorneys.

All focused course work at UST Law consists of foundational Dynamic Courses that introduce the subject area, upper-level theory and practice Dynamic Courses that provide an academic background necessary for success, and experiential learning Dynamic Courses that provide students with the chance to apply their learning in simulations or outside the classroom. 

The Supervised Research and Writing course (independent study), the Mentor Externship program, and the public service requirements can also be used to support focused course work.

Foundational Courses

(Offered once or more yearly)

Criminal Law

Upper Level Theory and Practice Courses

Advanced Evidence Critical Perspectices: Race
Children & the Law Domestic Violence
Crime & Punishment* Infamous Trials
Criminal Law* Race & the Law
Criminal Practice Sentencing Law
Criminal Procedure I Wrongful Convictions
Criminal Procedure II*  
*course offered at least yearly.

Experiential Learning Courses

(Offered yearly unless otherwise indicated)

Advanced Trial Advocacy
Client Interviewing & Counseling
Clinic: Commutations
Clinic: Community Justice Project
Clinic: Misdemeanor Defense
Judicial Externship
Moot Court and Mock Trial Competition Teams
Trial Advocacy