Subject Areas

The University of St. Thomas School of Law offers a broad curriculum emphasizing the distinctive aspects of our mission and vision: strong preparation in professional skills, development of the professional character that makes you a valued counselor, integration of your faith or other deep moral beliefs with your career, and commitment to social justice and serving the disadvantaged.

During law school, you may begin to develop a sense of the field of law in which you would like to practice. But you may eventually find yourself in a practice area you had not considered during law school. A broad preparation touching on several fields provides flexibility to respond to career opportunities as they arise.

The following subject-area pages give guidance on how you might choose upper-level courses to prepare for a career in a particular field of law. The pages identify both: doctrinal and theory courses that offer thorough grounding in the concepts you will draw on throughout your legal career, and experiential/simulation courses that offer direct experiences in the varying skills you need to practice law successfully. These pages also identify other resources UST School of Law offers in the various subject areas: faculty teaching/writing in the area, joint degree and other programs, student organizations, and selected alumni practicing in the area. The pages will develop and contain more and more resources, so please return to them regularly to see new information. 

Business and Corporate Law General Practice
Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Public Interest Law
Criminal Law Global and Comparative Law