Registration for Summer 2015 is April 7 for current 2Ls and April 8 for current 1Ls. Registration for Fall 2015 is April 14 for current 2Ls and April 15 for current 1Ls. Incoming 1L students are manually registered in courses by the registrar and do not need to take special steps regarding registration.

If you have a hold on your account, you will be unable to register. Contact the business office to make arrangements to have the hold released.

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Course Schedule

Required Courses

  • You must take all required first-year and upper-level courses. In order to meet Graduation Requirements, you must complete 88 total credit hours, and complete the upper-level writing program, public service program and Mentor Externship program.
  • Professional Responsibility and Lawyering Skills III are required during your 2L year. If you do not take these classes in the fall of your 2L year, you must take them in the spring.
  • You must register for the Mentor Externship Program course (2L section LAW 930 or a 3L section LAW 933). The seminar counts as 1 credit for the year, calculated as 0 credits in the fall and 1 credit in the spring. You must sign up for the same section both terms.

Bar Courses & the Uniform Bar Exam

One consideration in selecting courses is whether a course covers material that will be tested on the bar examination. While each state governs admission to its own bar, there has been a movement among several states (including Minnesota) toward the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). The UBE Memo contains important information on what the UBE might mean for you. The last page of the memo also lists courses that are covered on the UBE. 

The UBE will no longer test Credit and Payment Devices after July 2014.

The School of Law generally offers bar courses once each academic year – and typically twice if the course also is a required part of our curriculum. 

Non-UST School of Law Courses

Law school policies permit you to receive credits for courses outside UST School of Law, but limit the number of credits permitted. Read these policies carefully, and contact Registrar Jill Akervik or Associate Dean Joel Nichols with questions.

Course Load

  • You will take 12-16 credits full time each fall and spring semester, and up to 7 credits in the summer. Flexible scheduling options are available, including the possibility of taking up to 18 credits in a semester with special permission. Contact Associate Dean Nichols for more information. Also see Academic Policy III-A-2.
  • The required Mentor Externship course will count as 1 credit toward your course load each spring semester.

Wait Lists

You may add your name to a wait list for only two courses that have otherwise closed. If you place yourself on more, you will be removed from them. If a spot opens up in a course, Registrar Jill Akervik will contact you by email, and you will have 24 hours to respond before she offers the spot to the next person on the list. Waitlists are processed weekly.  

Course Cancellations

If, after completion of registration, enrollment in any course is so low that offering the course is not justified, the School of Law may cancel the course. You will be informed if a course you registered for has been cancelled, and you will be given the opportunity to enroll in any course for which enrollment limits have not been satisfied.

Adding & Dropping Courses

For information on adding and dropping courses, see Policy III-B-2. Note: The possibility of dropping clinic or externship courses is much more limited.

If you drop a course or withdraw from the university, your tuition refund will be calculated according to the following schedule (subject to federal regulations regarding Title IV federal financial aid):

Fall & Spring


Through the 14th calendar day of the term


Through the 7th calendar day of the term


From the 15th-21st calendar day of the term


From the 8th-14th calendar day of the term


From the 22nd-28th calendar day of the term


From the 15th-21st calendar day of the term


From the 29th-35th calendar day of the term


From the 22nd-28th calendar day of the term


From the 36th-42nd calendar day of the term


After the 29th day of the term


After the 42nd day of the term