V-3. Postings

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for postings in the School of Law. Space is provided for postings by faculty and administration as well as students and student organizations.

Official items posted by School of Law and University administrators will be posted in the faculty and administration areas on the official, glass-front bulletin boards located in the student lounge in the lower level of the law building. No student group, organization or individual may post anything on the official bulletin board.

Postings by student groups must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs. Approval for posting can be obtained in the Student Services suite, MSL 124. The announcement should clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring organization. Individual student and student group postings may be displayed on bulletin boards only. Bulletin boards are located in the student lounge, in the student organization office suite, in the hallway leading to the skyway with the parking ramp and at the far end of the classroom wing on the 3rd and 4th floors. On the day of an event, an event may be publicized by posting a notice with the magnetic clip provided at the doorway to each classroom. Student postings may not be affixed to walls, doors (including classroom doors), railings or any other location unless specifically approved by the Office of Student Affairs. Student postings may not obstruct official notices.

Postings should be displayed no more than 2 weeks before the event being announced. Postings are to be taken down promptly once an event has taken place. The Assistant Dean for Administration or their designees may take down postings that do not meet these requirements or that are for events that have already occurred. At the end of the fall and spring semesters, they will remove all postings by student groups.

Prohibition on Posting Elsewhere in the Building

Faculty, administrators, staff and students may not affix postings to any doors or walls. Items may be displayed using the magnetic clip provided next to their door for posting notices or other items.

 Adopted by the Law Faculty, August 5, 2003
Revised May 28, 2004

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