Unpaid Leaves of Absence

IV-12. Unpaid Leaves of Absence

A.        General Policy

Faculty members who have an opportunity to make significant contributions to human welfare or knowledge through professional service away from the Law School that will also result in professional growth in relation to their responsibilities as faculty members may request a leave without compensation to take advantage of the opportunity. Opportunities for such service include, but are not limited to, positions of responsibility in governmental or nonprofit agencies, teaching or research under foundation or government grants or awards, and appointments as visiting members of other faculties.

No faculty member should expect to be granted more than two semesters of leave in any six-year period to teach at another college or university. This rule does not apply to leaves granted for other purposes; however, leaves of absence of more than two years, for whatever professional purpose, are discouraged and will rarely be approved.

Each request for leave without compensation will be considered on its merits in comparison with other requests within the same academic year and with regard to the personnel resources available to the school to maintain the curriculum during the faculty member's absence. The applicant may be required to assist in a search for the personnel to replace him or her during the leave.

B.        Procedure for Requesting Unpaid Leave

A faculty member who intends to apply for leave without compensation should notify the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs informally as soon as possible, and should make a formal request by a letter, addressed to the Associate Dean, that includes information concerning the purpose and duration of the leave. The approval of the Associate Dean is required for the grant of leave without compensation.

The formal request should be submitted as early as possible in the academic year preceding that in which the leave is desired. The later a request is received, the more difficult it will be to accommodate the request. At the minimum, the faculty member should comport with the Statement of Good Practices of the Association of American Law Schools, which provides in relevant part that a faculty member should not request a leave after April 1 to accept a visiting position at another law school for the next academic year.

 Adopted by the Law Faculty, June 13, 2002

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