Standing Committees

IV-2. Standing Committees

Adjunct Review

The Adjunct Review Committee for each department works to develop the teaching skills of adjunct faculty in the department, to evaluate and report on their teaching, to help integrate them into the law school community, and to make recommendations to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who is responsible for hiring adjunct faculty.


The Admissions Committee recommends to the faculty policies relating to the admission of students and the awarding of financial aid. It also oversees the admissions process and makes recommendations to the Dean regarding financial aid.


The Appointments Committee recruits, screens, and consults with faculty about the hiring of tenure-track, contract, and visiting appointments to the faculty. The Committee may assist the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in hiring adjunct faculty.


The Curriculum Committee advises the faculty with respect to all curricular matters, including course offerings and proposals concerning new academic programs. It reviews all proposals for permanent curricular changes and makes recommendations to the faculty with respect to such proposals.

Deans and Directors

The Deans and Directors meet regularly to discuss matters of common concern and to advise the Dean.


The Executive Committee meets regularly with the Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and advises them on various administrative and academic policy issues.

Mission Advisory

The Mission Advisory Committee schedules Mission Roundtables and determines the process for deciding the annual Mission Awards.

Promotion and Tenure

The Promotion and Tenure Committee of each department implements the provisions of, and may recommend changes to, the promotion and tenure code. It also recommends policies for evaluations of all faculty, including visiting and adjunct faculty.

The departmental Tenure Committee consists of all tenured faculty members in the department. The departmental Promotion Committee consists of all faculty members in the department who have attained the rank for which a candidate will be applying. While these committees generally will operate as a combined departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee, when a candidate is being considered for promotion, only faculty members in the department who have attained the rank for which that candidate is applying may participate in the process for that candidate.

Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life Committee facilitates worship and spirituality within the community.

Student Discipline

The Student Discipline Committee implements the provisions of the Student Discipline Code, including holding student disciplinary hearings when necessary, and recommends changes to the Code.


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