IV-16. Reimbursements

Faculty may use funds in their professional development accounts (PDAs) to pay for attorney license fees, bar membership dues, and continuing legal education ("CLE") expenses. However, faculty are strongly discouraged from using PDA funds to pay for CLE courses. Most states (including Minnesota) allow attorneys to earn CLE credit at no cost by preparing to teach and teaching CLE courses. As much as possible, faculty should earn CLE credit in this manner.

The School of Law will not reimburse administrators and staff for attorney license fees, bar membership dues, or CLE expenses. The Dean may make an exception for an employee who cannot perform the essential functions of his or her job without maintaining an active attorney's license. Even in those cases, the law school will not pay CLE expenses, but will expect the administrator or staff member to earn CLE credits by teaching or by attending low-cost CLE courses.

Adopted by the Law Faculty, October 2, 2002


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