Outside Employment and Consulting by Full-time Fac

IV-13. Outside Employment and Consulting by Full-time Fac

A.        Outside Employment

1.         In addition to adhering to theUniversity of St. Thomas’s policy on outside employment, law faculty members will not without the permission of the Dean:

a.         have an ongoing relationship with a law firm or a business (e.g., an “of counsel” relationship);

b.         be named on a law firm or business letterhead; or

c.         have a professional telephone listing.

B.        Outside Employment Report

At a time to be designated by the Dean, each faculty member will submit an annual report to the Dean describing the nature and extent of any outside employment or consulting activities undertaken during the previous year.

C.        Use of University or Law School Letterhead

A faculty member may use the university or law school letterhead in connection with outside professional activities or consulting that, in the judgment of the faculty member, will reflect well on the law school. However, if using the letterhead, a faculty member will include a brief statement indicating that the work being done and any opinions being expressed are those of the faculty member in his or her personal capacity and do not necessarily reflect the views of the university or law school.

Adopted by the Law Faculty, February 19, 2003

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